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Why choose a private obstetrician?
If you are planning a family and you are doubting between delivering your baby in the public system versus the private system, then this information is for you.
obstetrician joondalup
obstetrician joondalup
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In a nutshell
  • When you are looking into public or private pregnancy care, it’s important to understand the main differences. The public system has a few limitations and you won’t have those in the private sector.
  • The most common reason to choose a private obstetrician is continuity of care with the same team.
  • In the private system, you are staying in a private room when you have your baby, and your partner may also be staying overnight. Your hospital stay is also longer, allowing you to recover well whilst getting crucial support.

Public or private obstetrician Joondalup

Public vs private obstetrician: What are the main differences?

You may be reading this as you consider starting a family. Or you may have just discovered that you are pregnant and you are doing your research to find the best obstetrician in Perth. No matter what situation you are in, it is always a good thing to be well informed about your options. 

In Australia, it is possible to choose between giving birth in the public system or in the private system. If you choose the public system, your pregnancy and birth care are mostly free. That in itself is often one of the main reasons why patients give birth in the public system.

Here at Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology Group, our private obstetricians still maintain public appointments at Joondalup Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital. So we know both systems very well. Allow us to guide you through the main differences in this overview.

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1. Limitations of the public system

Our public hospitals and training facilities are run by the Government. Often and unbeknown to public patients, their care delivery is caught by service provision limitations. There is often not enough time for women to be appropriately heard. Often, there is not enough time for adequate antenatal education and informed decision-making. It’s not that the obstetricians and midwives are doing an average job. It is simply that there are system constraints that limit their ability to provide the truly patient-centred care that you deserve. 

At Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology group we do not have these limitations simply because the Government system does not apply to our private practice.

2. Continuity of care

One of the most common reasons to choose a private obstetrician is the continuity of care you receive as an expecting mother. It means that you choose your own private obstetrician and after that, you see the same obstetrician for every appointment during your antenatal care journey. 

In the public system, your pregnancy would be managed by multiple doctors and midwives and it may involve shared care with your GP. In many cases, you would deliver your baby with an obstetrician you haven’t met before.

3. Hospital stay

As a private patient, you deliver your baby in a private hospital. You will have your own room and your partner may be able to stay overnight. In a public hospital, you often have to share your room with other mothers… and other babies. 

4. Length of hospital stay

In the private system you may be able to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time. Mothers tell me how important that is for their recovery. A longer hospital stay also allows for more support in that crucial first week after childbirth. 

5. Extras at Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology Group

Every private obstetrician is different, and we aim to provide extra service levels to all our mums and families. So, what sets us apart? 

  • As said, we take care of your whole family and we are happy to organise work certificates for partners.
  • We limit our number of private patients to allow an extraordinary level of service.
  • We make the time for you and your family, we want to understand what you expect from your journey and what concerns you may have.
  • We allow after-hours and weekend appointments to assist your whole family.
  • We offer remote foetal monitoring.
  • We offer blood pressure devices to allow you to monitor your blood pressure at home.
  • We offer Telehealth appointments.
  • We offer free online antenatal classes.

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List of obstetric services

Antenatal care
Birth and delivery
Breech birth
Cervical weakness
Gestational diabetes
Gestational hypertension
High-risk pregnancy
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment
Postnatal care
Shared pregnancy care

Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology Group offers shared pregnancy care. 

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